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Always moving, never stopping, always moving forward, allied in threes. Velvet Two Stripes are united by a 15-year band history, and still Sophie and Sara Diggelmann and Franca Mock know only one direction: forward. "Nothing can hold us back any more," says Sara. "We navigate the way we like," adds her sister Sophie, referring not only to the trips across the rusty railway bridge on the Columbia River that took them to the recording studio in the summer of 2022. She also means the meandering between the underground and the music industry that the band has mastered so confidently. 


Velvet Two Stripes have never let themselves be taken over by the industry. They have always remained true to their raw rock sound and have developed it further, unflinchingly. The title of the musicians' new fourth album, "No Spell For Moving Water", which will be released on 6 October, also tells of this. No evil spell sticks to flowing water, it cannot be cursed and it flows over every stone that lies in its path. If you keep moving, you escape every witch's spell and remain free.


The Swiss trio Velvet Two Stripes will release their fourth album "No Spell For Moving Water" on October 6th 2023. The three musicians once again belt out raw guitar rock, on a bluesy and punky foundation, and surprise with new facets. Recorded in Portland, WA, produced by Dominik Lukas Schmidt, mixed by Vance Powell and  mastered by Pete Lyman, the nine songs testify to the independence of the three, who know only one direction: forward. No evil spell clings to running water, just as little to this band that is always on the move.


Jan Hagerodt / Spider Promotion
Flo Weiss
/ Just Because (Switzerland)

Velvet Two Stripes
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