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Maybe we should thank Jack White  for taking the spirit of Blues Rock to the present age during the past 15 years and thus sharing the relevance of one of the eldest of all rock music genres. White smoothed the path for bands such as The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Deap Vally. All of them with charismatic women right at the front conquering territories between Garage, Blues, Fuzz Rock and Riot Grrrl Punk, a territory where recently a new exciting band has parked their crooked van: Velvet Two Stripes.

Finally a European band ready to rival with the big fish in the scene, challenging the boys for their garage while proving that young women very well have a sense for real Blues.

In 2014 their debut Album "VTS" is released. Surprisingly mature, bluesy and as soon as the drum machine kicks in, ain’t too far from The Kills. 

On their new in March 2017 to be released EP Got Me Good they grow even tighter together and their drum machine is replaced by Jazz trained drummer Carlo Caduff on the record as well as live on stage. Produced by Tim Tautorat (Turbostaat, The Kooks, AnnenMayKantereit), recorded at the infamous Hansa Studios in Berlin and mastered by Pete Lyman (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, No Age, Male Bonding) in L.A., these five songs provide a broad, noisey and diverse sound.

Their new album “Devil Dance” marks a quantum leap for Velvet Two Stripes. The band rocks a lot harder now, the riffs are bigger and sharper. This, they readily concede, might be the experience of sharing a stage and a conversation with Rival Sons shining through, a band they had long admired. At the same time, their melodies have become catchier and their richly detailed arrangements more subtle. The highlights are many. There’s the joyous rock’n’roll of “Gipsy” or “Somebody’s Fool”, but also the trickily syncopated, bitter-sweet “Chicago Sun”. The darkly beautiful “Lizard Queen” is followed by the grandiose riffing of “Madeleine”. “Sister Mercy” with its Eastern-sounding solo conjures up the ghost of Led Zeppelin. “12 o’clock Burn”, finally, brings the album to a grippingly melancholy close with a dreamy blues groove.



Got Me Good
EP (2017)
Album (2014)
Devil Dance
Album (2019)






Michael Schallert  / KBK
Flo Weiss / Just Because
Velvet Two Stripes

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